Monday 31 December 2012

Boer War Photographs

Another day, another old envelope. This contained a number of very fragile prints of Boer War scenes. Two show British dead on the battlefield at Spion Kop. Four are of war memorials, while a another shows a ward on a hospital ship. I believe all were taken by Horwich Brothers photographers. Nineteen similar images sold for 4,600 Rand in 2010.

Spion Kop was a particularly brutal battle which took place 23-24 Jan 1900. The first photograph was exposed on the day the battle ended while the other was taken two days later. They are remarkable for being so graphic for the period. I will caption the remainder, separately.

This commemorates the NCOs and men of the Irish Brigade who fell at Colenso

This memorial marks the spot where Lt Col W H Dick-Conygham VC was killed in action at the Battle of Ladysmith

In memory of the NCOs and Troopers of the Imperial Light Horse who died. Full details of the monument and those remembered can be found HERE

Commemorating those who of the Border Regiment who died when an Armoured Train was attacked at Chievely in November 1899. A number of British troops were killed and wounded. A young war correspondent named Winston Spencer Churchill was captured by the Boers but escaped two months later . . . A useful account of the action and description of the memorial can be read HERE

Wounded soldiers in G Ward on Hospital Ship Simla

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Billy Blue Eyes said...

A grim reminder of what war can be like.6

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