Saturday 7 November 2009

Scritch, Scratch!

I can remember being at Primary School and being taught to write with a dip pen. The nib would be dipped into the inkwell and then moved across the paper. Scritch, scratch it went. Oh, those were the days, weren't they.

You can imagine my pleasure when I noticed a hand with a pen on the front of a gravestone recently. A writer's grave, I thought, but I was wrong. It marked the grave of a lawyer. It was still a very fine example of graveyard symbolism. Alfrey Percy Ames was his name - born 1872 and died 1953.

Welcome to the Graveyard Detective

An illustrated look at the World of Graveyards and Cemeteries. There are many Stories behind the Stones that Stand in them. Who knows what we might find?


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