Sunday 24 February 2013

Raising a Smile in a Graveyard!

I am aware of this poem but have never before seen it in a graveyard. It was on the reverse of a headstone in Salesbury, Lancashire.. The poem was written by Karen McLendon-Laumann.

Smiling is infectious you catch it like the flu

Smiling is infectious, You catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling, too.
I passed around the corner, and someone saw my grin.
When he smiled I realized, I’d passed it on to him.
I thought about that smile, then I realized its worth,
A single smile, just like mine, could travel round the earth.
So, if you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected
Let’s start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!
Karen McLendon-Laumann

Sunday 17 February 2013

A Sunny Day in the Churchyard

What a beautiful day it has been. Sunshine! I wandered down to our local churchyard to take a photograph or two. I love this little side gate and the view of the church,once you have stepped through it..

Sunday 3 February 2013

Fragments of a Life

I find myself drawn to photograph gravestones that are crumbling away. I also feel a certain sorrow that the names recorded upon them are becoming lost. In the case of this graveyard in Ribchester (Church of St Peter and St Paul's), I fear no one has recorded the memorial inscriptions . . .


Welcome to the Graveyard Detective

An illustrated look at the World of Graveyards and Cemeteries. There are many Stories behind the Stones that Stand in them. Who knows what we might find?


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