Sunday 2 December 2012

Table Tomb Erosion

The former Roman settlement of Ribchester is home to St Wilfrid's Church, a Grade I listed building with an extensive churchyard bordering it on three sides. Difficult to photograph today with the sun low in the sky and casting long shadows. I don't remember seeing so many table tombs as there are at St Wilfrid's. Frost covered many of the headstones and bright green lichen proved a striking addition to many of them. More of that in a further post but, for now, here is the top of a table tomb that has started to erode . . .


Lynn said...

What a lovely old church.
I think graveyards are really interesting places. Never sure if that makes me seem a bit morbid or not but they have such a lot of history to them.
Thanks for sharing your pictures.
Lynn :D

Bridgit's Bell said...

Beautiful church! We do not have many of these table tombs in the USA

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