Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Walmesley Tomb

A very large tomb in Ince in Makerfield Cemetery, Wigan. Only two family members are listed as being interred, here: William Gerard Walmesley,Esquire, JP of Westwood House, who died in 1868, and his son, Captain William Gerard Walmesley, late 11th Hussars and 17th Lancers,who died in 1877. A very distinctive memorial at the top of the stone is dedicated to Robert Cuthbert Walmesley who died in 1859 aged 3 years.


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Nice headstone, I like the inlay at the top. Good to see it is still in place

Laurie said...

It is nice, Bill. There were many other nice memorials in this cemetery.

Anonymous said...

Caroline De Trafford the wife of William Gerard Walmesley Esquire is also listed in burial records as being interred alongside her husband and in the same plot as her son Captain William Gerrard although neither of the three stones on this impressive burial plot bear her name.

The Walmesleys are sadly the forgotten land gentry of the immediate area despite many local streets a public house and even a public park bearing their surname.

Laurie said...

Thanks, Anon. That's very helpful and interesting.

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