Friday 19 December 2014

A Christmas Visit to the Pet Cemetery

I obtained these four photographs, from America, some years ago . They document a couple's visit to the Pet Haven Cemetery and Crematory. I am guessing that the photographs date from the 1950s.adly, I am told the automobile is a Cadillac. Here the woman poses next to car with the cemetery sign in the background.

Then she is photographed, I presume next to the grave of her much loved pet. I am now starting to suspect that something unusual is going on, certainly by today's standards.

The woman is joined by her husband for a plotside photograph. Was it taken by a passing visitor or a relative? I just don't know.

The final photograph shows a view of the cemetery. Click on the image and you will be suprised. Everywhere you look is a Christmas tree, some very ornately decorated with hanging baubles etc. I presume it was the custom to allow the beloved animals, who have passed over to the other side, to share in the custome of celebrating Christmas. Was this the norm back then and does this quaint custom of decorating Christmas trees in pet cemeteries still continue. It would be interesting to know. I looked up the Pet Haven cemetery, and it is in Gardena, CA. It opened in 1948.

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