Sunday, 17 August 2014

Lords of the Manor of Great Harwood

Two impressive plots  of distinctive memorials contain most of the family that owned the Allsprings Estate and, at one time, most of Great Harwood in Lancashire. A good account of the family's history and the subsequent sales in 1925 of the family estate that brought an end to the Lords of the Manor of Great Harwood after nearly 900 years can be found HERE. The graves lie in St Michael's Roman Catholic Cemetery in Hurst Green, not far from Stoneyhurst College (A Roman Catholic Public School ) where J R R Tolkien once taught. Tolkien, famously, wrote Lord of the Rings.

This is the early family plot. 
The later members of the Lomax family lie in a separate plot about 100 metres from the other.

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Billy Blue Eyes said...

Wow thats a big family, did you check which was the oldest one.

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