Monday 5 September 2011

Hurricane Victim

Today, visiting Belize City cemetery is a dangerous pursuit - you might end up staying there. A look at the city's online news website contains report after report of almost daily killings and woundings. It was a lot quieter in the 1990s when I visited, although my hosts were shocked to hear I had been there alone!

I was very taken with this memorial to Police Superintendent J H Sempill who was killed in the 1931 Belize hurricane. The category 3 hurricane killed an estimated 2,500 people. It was the worst natural disaster in Belize's history. The city was left devastated by the 125 mile per hour winds.

This photograph of a ruined convent in Belize City shows the severity of the damage
(published under Wiki Commons)


Owen said...

Hurricanes... no laughing matter. And what is it with all these places on the planet that just don't seem to be able to police themselves so that normal peaceful people can travel freely there ? Who wants to go somewhere where people are getting killed all the time ? Crazy world, and not getting any safer.

Carnealian said...

That's an awesome find! Thanks for sharing!

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