Tuesday 30 August 2011

Preston Monument

This striking monument to Ethel Preston can be found in the Lawnswood Cemetery in Leeds. The grade II listed structure dates from 1911. Made from Italian marble, it has a life-size statue standing under a porch which is said to be a replica of the entrance to The Grange - the home she shared with her husband Walter. At the back is a pair of black marble doors stand ajar.

The waiting lady
By way of comparison, this modern day view (copyright Phill. D) is published under Creative Commons


Owen said...

Going out in style... must have cost a pretty penny, but if one has the means, why not create a lavish memorial ? Or would the money be better spent on a gift to charity ? Vanitas, vanitas...

Margaret Pangert said...

This marle is breathtaking--one almost wishes it were in a more prominent place to be seen by more... And a lovely elegy for the homecoming that is not to be.

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