Saturday 16 October 2010

Mourning Statues 2

More, as promised, of the Mourning Statues in St Anne's churchyard in Lancashire. This pair of angels, one grieving, the other consoling, marks the grave of Agnes Lois Mary McClaren who died in Paris 29 October 1923. The differing views and angles are a regular feature of my grave recording and it is certainly worth the effort to take photographs from all angles rather than one straight on . . . I was impressed to see the sculptor (unknown) had even modelled the feet of the grieving angel.


Tammi Thiele said...

Beautiful as always.

Taphophilia Catafalque said...

'When Angels Weep'.........
How wonderful

Where in Lancashire is St. Mary's please ?

Laurie said...

Thanks, Tammi.

Thanks, H'crocs. The info you want is



Beth Niquette said...

How utterly beautiful.

Cloudia said...

wonderful example of the genre.

why are feet so affecting when executed in stone?

very moving

Aloha from Hawaii

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