Tuesday 9 March 2010

Only a Postcard

It is just a postcard of a Victorian cemetery in London which was posted in 1904. It depicts the marvellous Kensal Green Cemetery. What makes it interesting is the message on the reverse.

"Knowing you are of a morbid turn of mind, I send you this. Whenever you have a fit of the blues, just gaze on it. It is like balm to the troubles which are soon gone."


@eloh said...

I wonder how the tomb with the angels holding the halo has fared these many years later.

I think there is some sarcasm in the note from the back of the card.

Laurie said...

I think it still exists - when I can refind my photos of a decade ago, there may be photographic proof it did. The same batch has a photograph of the grave of Hiram Maxim - the inventor of the Maxim Gun!

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