Friday, 16 May 2014

Swastika Symbol on Scottish Gravestone

I found this swastika headstone in Gareloch Cemetery, Scotland. From memory, this symbol, appearing above the inscription of Mary C Browne who died in 1930, represents the Scouting movement. I understand, also, that the swastika was/remains a good luck symbol in India. More on the background of the swastika symbol can be found HERE.


Shivangi S Chatterjii said...

Interesting indeed! This could also be a Celtic Swastika (since she is of Scottish/Celtic descent) or the rune Gibur, also called 'the moving cross' (if she is of Scandinavian descent).

Hindus don't add a circle to the swastika - the circle being a solar symbol. I am also intrigued by the addition of the fluer de lis on the swastika.

rafiqkie said...

i am a scouter from modern & traditional movement, this old symbol the fleur de lis on top of swastika represent the 'good luck'..checkout this link

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