Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Death of Four Brothers

This grave marks a very sad event. It states: Here lie the bodies of four brothers. They were the children of Station Master Robert Smith of the Midland Railway Company and his wife, Harriet. All contracted Scarlet Fever in 1880 and were dead within a week. They were:

Horace Richard
9 years

7 years

4 years

1 year 7 months


Bill Nicholls said...

It's sad when you come across the grave of so many children who died. Happy New Year

Blaine Bettinger said...

So incredibly sad. I wonder if they had other children.

Jen said...

Wow ... very sad indeed. Interesting find, though.

Holisticrocs said...

You cannot imagine the grief those poor parents endured, thank you for remembering these little boys.....

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