Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Fiddler Joss found Salvation!

Joshua Poole was an evangelist. The Manx Quarterly recorded his death, in 1908, thus:

The death took place on Sunday, May 17th, in Bradford, at the age of 82, of Mr Joshua Poole, an evangelist and temperance worker, who for many years was well known as " Fiddler Joss," Mr Poole's health broke down about twenty years ago, and in retirement he took up his residence at Halifax. Though little more than a name to the present generation, to those who had known him from the time of his first mission fifty years ago, " Fiddler Joss " was regarded as one of the most remarkable of modern evangelists. Born at Skipton, where his father followed the occupation of a saddler, he was a Sunday-school teacher in his youth, but, being of a roving disposition, he broke away from the family traditions, and in Bradford became a pothouse fiddler, a gambler, and a heavy drinker. In the course of time he became as familiar with the inside of a prison as he was of the public house. When at length his wife swore that her life was in danger from his oonstant violence, he was sent to prison for six months, not being able to offer the required security to be of good behaviour. In Wakefield Gaol he resolved, through the influence of the prison warder, to reform. From that time he became a pledged teetotaller, abandoned his loose life, and applied himself to steady industry. It was not long before he began to speak as an evangelist, and his fame spread far and wide. Indeed as a preacher to the masses, "Fiddler Joss" in his day had few equals. Along with his wife, Mary Poole, he conducted missions in all parts of the United Kingdom, and at one time was even induced to carry on a mission in France.

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Bill Nicholls said...

May be the drink eventually got him. Nice monument

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