Monday, 10 September 2012

Preston Crematorium 1

Preston Crematorium's open day saw large numbers of people take the opportunity to visit the crematorium and its splendid grounds. There was lots to see so I am going to have to break this report in three parts. In the chapel, which caters for a large number of faiths, I found some fascinating and colourful exhibits.

Colourful Coffins displayed a number of examples of coffin and casket designs that they can provide. I was impressed by their work and more examples can be seen HERE in their design gallery. They also produce the Memory Bear which was created especially to help families keep precious memories of their loved ones safe. A zip comparment at the rear holds either an ashes container, supplied with each bear or much loved keepsakes.

Martin's - the Funeral Directors were also in attendance and were showing off their recently restored Victorian funeral bier and there were several examples of urns that are used to hold the ashes. Their website can be found HERE.

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Nicola Carpenter said...

Amazing and beautiful.

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