Monday, 4 April 2011

Standing Sentinel

Hurst Green cemetery in Lancashire is a fascinating burial ground. I had a strange experience there during my first visit (click HERE to read my post). A few weeks later, I had a, photographically, more successful visit. This was a image from then. When I looked at it this evening, I was very taken with it. If you squint your eyes a little, it looks like two strangely shaped coffins with three alien-like figures standing sentinel behind. Can you see what I mean? Click once or twice on the image for a closer view.


Margaret Pangert said...

Very strange. I think the Barrows had some geometric background and designed this unusual pattern themselves. The circles represent infinity (more pronounced in Celtic crosses), but the squares and the triangles [pyramids?] sugest what? Do the three "aliens" represent Calvary (well, one is engraved.)? And then in terms of the supernatural findings from your prior visit? Very eery!

Laurie said...

Hey Margaret, Thanks for the illuminating explanation! Glad you enjoyed my account of my earlier visit - spooky!

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