Saturday, 9 April 2011

Fading Grief is a Memorial to Sisterly Love

I saw this grieving figure in Chorley Cemetery. Although an arm is missing and the facial features are crumbling, its face is a striking picture of grief. I think she is clasping a representation of an anchor to her bosom although if you think differently, please let me know.

The memorial reads: A tribute of love in memory of Mary Anne Welch who died January 14th 1884 Aged 67 - Erected by her sister Alice.

There is a poignant message recorded at the base: Love is too Precious to be Lost. Alice must have loved her sister very much . . .


Margaret Pangert said...

Wow! Very different! She looks like a supplicant imploring the heavens, especially assuming the missing arm was pointed upward, beseechingly. I believe that is an anchor--drowned at sea? Or a metaphor? One thing that I see in every photo is the branch of a tree going through her chest like a dagger. Of course, this is impossible because the branch couldn't penetrate the concrete... strange!

Laurie said...

Thanks, Margaret. I see what you mean about the branch! Yikes!

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