Sunday, 3 April 2011


When you have a black granite memorial and the gold inside the inscribed lettering has faded, it is time for restoration. I am not entirely convinced you should just paint over the letters en masse. Once the paint has dried, how on earth do you remove the excess? Any ideas?


Owen said...

That's really something. I hope it is an unfinished bit of work and they will be back to remove the excess paint from the surface. Maybe with a steel brush on a rotating disk sort of tool ? Seems rather sloppy though like that, unless they are planning on grinding down the entire surface to clean it ? There wasn't anyone about who could tell you ? A sad life they had, losing children so young. I can't imagine.

Gale Wall said...

They may leave it. Seen some a little like this. Usually white paint though.

S. Lincecum said...

I agree with Gale. Unfortunately, I've seen a lot like this -- usually left as you have pictured.

Christine (rootsresearcherrabbit) said...

Hallo Laurie,

I hope this is something that someone is going to come back to finish!! It seems such a shame if it is just going to be left like that.

There's so much information there, someone obviously wanted to be able to read it.

Kind regards,

Christine (rootsresearcherrabbit at Ancestors at Rest Graveyard Rabbit)

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