Thursday, 24 April 2014

The London Necropolis - Brookwood

Here are two vintage postcards showing views of Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey. The first shows four views of an immaculately maintained cemetery. It was sent to a Mrs Foot at Station House, Dartford, Kent  in October 1912 by the recipient's sister who thought it suitable as a 'birthday' card! [I have also posted a more recent image of the Pelham-Clinton memorial featured in the bottom left photograph to show how the scene has changed . . . The second shows St. Cyprian's Avenue in the grounds of Brookwood Cemetery.

According to the author of London's Necropolis, John M Clarke the Pelham-Clinton memorial  is probably the most important in the cemetery. The statue group depicts a grief-stricken man crouching over the corpse of a woman,with one hand cupped behind her head. Above them, her angelic form soars heavenward, wings outspread and her face turned back with an expression of great  sympathy.

The sculpture is called Into the Way of Peace and commemorates Matilda Jane Pelham Clinton (1825-1892) who was married to Lord Edward Pelham-Clinton. She served in Queen Victoria's private household. A bronze inscription plaque was stolen some years ago. Her husband was the only non-Royal to attend Victoria's funeral in 1901. John Clarke records that the new King asked Pelham-Clinton to scatter earth on the late Queen's coffin.caption


Bill Nicholls said...

You try getting a photo there now without a permit.

The Greenockian said...

Beautiful sculpture, but not sure about sending postcards of graveyards!

Laurie said...

I saw it changed hands in 2012 because of an order of the court and notice a change in the rules and regulations of the new owners. I am not sure what it means:

Photographs of graves may not be taken without permission of the grantee, countersigned by the Company.

It's the grantee that baffles me. Is that the family?

Laurie said...

There used to be a payment for a permit to the Gurney family who owned the Cemetery but I can't see one now, just what I mentioned in my earlier comment:

Laurie said...

I know what you mean, Greenockian!

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