Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Victim of Stabbing

This impressive stone lies in the churchyard of St Mary Magdalene's Parish Church in Clitheroe, Lancashire. Part way down its length, it records the death of an Innkeeper who was the victim of a brutal stabbing. The inscription states:

Likewise of William Southworth . . . of Waddington, Innkeeper, who suddenly expired having been stabb'd [sic] by a Neighbour in a Moment of ungovernable Passion, leaving a Wife and Eight Children to lament his untimely Death, on the 16th Day of May1833.

This Stone recording his untimely Death
is erected by his Wife, Elzabeth.

I have not long to stay before I too shall be
going there. then come and pray my children over me.

Sadly, for Elizabeth, it would be a while before she joined her husband as she lived on until March 17, 1868, dying aged 78 years . . .

I have yet to find details of the murder.

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The Greenockian said...

Such a shame, but interesting!

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