Friday, 5 July 2013

Mystery Memorial

I found this print a few days ago. I seem to remember taking photographs of various military memorials - possibly near the British Army base at Celle in the then West Germany - while visiting British troops. It commemorates Prisoners of War who died in the 1914-21 War. I can see that it commemorates 780 Russians, 70 Serbians, 5 Romanians and 4 Poles. So why on earth would Germans raise such a memorial ? I am mystified but perhaps things might become clearer if I can link the photograph with strips of black and white negative strips with contact sheets in one of several folders of my negatives I found today. In the meantime, any suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you! Click on the image and then again for a closer view of the wording.

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Bill Nicholls said...

Hard to say why the memorial was done. Thing is when was it made? back after WW1 or by a different generation who feel more sorry for what happened.

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