Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Gibraltar North Front Cemetery

Gibraltar's North Front Cemetery is the only graveyard still in use on the Rock. It was established in 1756 and is very large. I had an hour to kill before having to report for my flight at the adjacent airport and my host's very kindly took me to the cemetery. The last photograph in this post is taken from the Rock above and shows the extent of it. Oh, that I had known but time was pressing and I concentrated on recording many of the recumbent war graves. A few large memorials caught my eye and I ended up below ground in a small crypt that had just been emptied ready for reuse but that's another story!

Wikipedia's description is well worth reading and I wish I had known more about the cemetery before I went there. Details can be found HERE

Published under Creative Commons - thanks to Magnus Manske


Bill Nicholls said...

Wow that is some cemtery, you could spend ages looking round there.

airman said...

In plot 1 you can find the grave of Major Wilfred Theodore Blake, an airman of the Royal Flying Corps during WW1 and The Royal Air Force during WW2, the first airman to attempt an aerial circumnavigation of the world in 1922 and often referred to as the worlds most travelled man in the 20s and 30s. Prolific author and travel journalist.

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