Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bird Life

I am used to seeing the single bird leaning over the top of a headstone, but I have not seen these double birds before. On the first, the bird faces its mate which seems to be preening its feathers. On the second, one bird is looking away. Quite what this means, I am not sure. I have included two other bird stones as well from my visit to the Duke Street Cemetery in Southport.


Bill Nicholls said...

To be honest I thought they were real in the thumbnail butthey are rather goodwhen you see them lager.

Holisticrocs said...

The detail on the first two birds is beautiful and a superior carving to the second set.
I think that the depiction of two birds together symbolizes the eternal pairing for life ~ not only this one, but the one beyond as well ~ as is the natural habit of some birds. It could also represent being 'Re~united' which is often depicted with a pair of clasped hands.

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