Friday, 21 December 2012

In Memoriam Cards 3

Five more in memoriam cards. My observations are in the captions.

Note the female figure, carrying a basket of flowers, who is resting a hand on the large headstone

A weeping figure mourns the deceased, while a draped urn tops the headstone

A small child (left) stands before a hooped grave mound. Beneath the coffin (right) are the words: 'printed by Mansell' 

A cheaply printed card which allows for handwritten details of the deceased to be added

Intriguingly, at the last, he was described as an Oil Dealer Colour. Further research is necessary.
What is the significance of the crown? Was he supporting the War Effort. Note the archaic spelling of Veil

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Lisa Taisey said...

Love it! So unique. The one with the Angel cut out is beautiful!!!! I wonder if Money figured in to what the cards looked like???

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