Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Family of Cowards

Marjory Whewell Coward died on November 11, 1888 - aged five weeks - and is buried in Balderstone churchyard in Lancashire.  Her parents and borther are buried with her. It is a very ornate memorial - note the ferns on each of the rocks that support the cross and the fine detail on the cross, itself. Majory's brother, Arthur, died in Birmingham in 1950 but his body was brought back for burial in Balderstone.

Arthur had an interesting career. His son, Ron wrote, in 1999, that he had learned more about his father "Arthur Langdale COWARD born 14 March 1885 in Blackburn Lancs who went to Blackburn Grammar School and Manchester Technical College(?) and served an engineering apprenticeship at the Dick Kerr works in Preston. He had a mangled finger top joint due to some industrial accident. He worked on the electric's for flying boats on the Tyne at South Shields in WW1 before joining Highfield and Roger Smith consulting electrical engineers in London; subsequently building Upper Boat power station near Cardiff and later the consultant responsible from 1929 for the grid scheme in the whole of the Midlands".

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Nicola Carpenter said...

Beautiful monument and a very interesting post.

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