Thursday, 21 July 2011

Rudolf Hess to be Dug up!

The body of Rudolph Hess is being dug up, burned and then dumped in the sea. More politely than some of the headlines: The body of Rudolph Hess has been exhumed, will be cremated and then his ashes will be scattered at sea. This will stop neo-Nazis using his Bavarian grave site as a place for pilgrimage. Hess was found hanged in Spandau prison in West Berlin in 1987.

I once had an assignment in West Berlin and met a chap who was responsible for the burial arrangements for Rudolf Hess. He realised one day that there was no coffin available, should Hess die in Spandau Prison. He went out and bought one. Within a few days, Hess died! A couple of years later, I went on a battlefield pilgrimage and the chap sitting behind me on the coach was Hess's guard for many years, when it was the Britain's turn to guard him. What luck to find two people with such interesting stories to tell.​d/2011/jul/21/rudolf-hess-body​-removed-nazi

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