Thursday, 21 July 2011

Big Stink in Clinton County Cemetery!

Not for sensitive souls.

If you read the history books that talked about the way burials were handled years ago and how, for example, terrible smells emanated from the graveyards, you might have sympathy for these townsfolk. On the bright side, the smell they are dealing with is from one body. Imagine how it was long ago, when there were hundreds of decaying bodies in graveyards.

Here is the story to read. Click HERE.


Anonymous said...

While I have sympathy for the people who live near by, you can not, really blame anyone for the way a person wishes to be buried. As an embalmer, I am all too aware of decay odor! However, what people don't realize is that even if she was embalmed, this still would NOT mask the decaying odor! Embalming is ONLY for the TEMPORARY preservation and sanitation of a dead body. They too eventually decompose and have an awful odor. A casket, unless it is a SEALED casket, will also NOT contain the odor. And even some sealed ones still leak odor out. People are under the false impression that embalming means 100% preservation. The issue here, is that she is entombed above groud instead of buried under the earth. This causes much more rapid decay, embalmed or not. Because she isn't embalmed and also only in a bag the decay process will speed up exponentially.

Here in SC unless you are of an orthodox religion that does not believe in embalming, you must be embalmed for a PUBLIC viewing or some call a wake. However, if you will not be viewed by the public, embalming is not required. If you are buried in a cemetery, vaults are required by LAW, unless, as I stated above you are an orthodox Jew or of the Muslim faith then you are neither embalmed nor are you buried in casket within a vault. There are rules within each cemetery. Most are public so vaults are required, however, there are some that are just Jewish or just Muslim and these religious views are taken into mind and are allowed, but only within that confined area. Regardless, without chemicals, there is nothing to fear anyway!

So while I KNOW how awful the smell must be, especially in this's not going to last 2-3 months, not in this heat! Is it nasty, yes, but that's life...and death!

Not trying to be ugly, but if you are worried about such things happening in the future, don't live near a cemetery! I'm surprised they haven't encountered this before!

Laurie said...

Thank you so much, that is fascinating explanation on the subject which is appreciated.
Laurie said...

So while the good Reverend hopes for a speeded up Resurrection Day, I'd say plug the damn vent holes!

Anonymous said...

MM: LOL! Yes that would probably help a little!

Laurie: You are welcome! I wasn't trying to come off harsh or unfeeling! Believe me...decay is NASTY! I've been up close and personal with it! BLECH!!! It gets in your hair, clothes, and once it's in your nose, it seems you will never get rid of it! But eventually it subsides! I love your blog! I have a cemetery blog myself, but I have neglected it more than I planned! It's located at:

I hope to pick it back up again soon. It's just too damn hot to go stomping through a graveyard in this heat!


Laurie said...

Hi Tara, Thanks for the compliment. I hope you do pick up your blog again - I'll look out for it!

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