Thursday, 9 June 2011

Fragile State

Jesus Called A Little Child Unto Him, records the saying above the inscriptions on this memorial in Clitheroe Cemetery in Lancashire. It records the passing of the two young children of Albert and Susie Sykes. Cecil Robert who died in his fifth year in 1875 and Bertie who died in his second year in 1864.
Albert, who was a Yarn Agent, had three more sons and a daughter who died at 28 years. Albert died in 1906, daughter Gladys in 1908 and Susie in 1910.

It is a beautiful headstone but if you look closely, a section of the inscription is in a fragile state. Water must have seeped in and there is a distinct line fold each side. It would take just a touch by a passing visitor and it would fall away and smash on the ground. Long may it remain intact.


pugbug said...

What an interesting stone--and interesting damage as well.

Holisticrocs said...

It's nice to know that you have managed to preserve it on film first, before it becomes lost forever.......

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