Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Impact of Hurricane Katrina!

This stunning photograph shows the impact the devasting hurricane had on this cemetery in Biloxi.

1868 Tomb in Biloxi MS

1868 Tomb in Biloxi MS
The photographer, Rob Valquez (Spirit of Light Photography), shot this photo This photo at the Biloxi MS cemetery. It was the final resting place of a German immigrant who was interred there in 1868. When Katrina wrecked havoc on the Mississippi coast, even the dead weren't spared of her wrath. Apparently, Katrina disinterred a bunch of bodies/caskets and deposited them on the beach (according to Biloxi resident who was there to see it). The shore is right across the street from the cemetery. Bodies had to be identified and reinterred which is why some of the tombs in the cemetary look new even though the dates on them go way back.
Said Rob: "While driving through the cemetary, this particular tomb stopped me right in my tracks. Two things came to mind when I took the photo; 1. Katrina was ruthless and spared no one or nothing that stood in her way and 2. sadness that this poor guy's tomb wasn't rebuilt like the rest that were. If I had the money, I'd probably have it rebuilt on my dime, A person's final resting place should never look like that." Click on the photograph to be taken to Rob's Flickr photostream.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful yet sad photo. I have visited the gulf on two occasions prior to Katrina. I haven't had the opportunity to return. I too would have paid to have this persons marker replaced and/or repaired.

New follower! Love the site!

The Digital Looking Glass

Owen said...

Devastation... this must have been a lovely cemetery pre-Katrina. I remember seeing a story at the time about coffins surfacing after the storm... how awful. Great photo, will have to go take a look at Rob's place.

Laurie said...

Bandhura, Owen, I am still amazed, everytime I look at the photograph!

Carnealian said...

Wow!! That's incredible.

Laurie said...

I know. Utterly amazing!

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