Saturday, 1 January 2011

Floral Tributes

If you could afford it, there were some imposing floral tributes available. On this Lancashire grave, two glass covered tributes have been place - the larger being particularly impressive. The headstone records the grave as being the last resting place of John Henry Law, the husband of Alice Ann Law of 12 Melrose Terrace, Weir Lane, Bacup.  He died on March 29, 1913 aged 39. The 1901 Census records him as a Calico Print machinist and his father as a Cotton Loom Overlooker.


Anonymous said...

Laurie, this is fascinating. I wonder, was this untimely death due to the industry in which JHL worked?

I've actually only just 'happened' upon this, one of your other blogs, and I wonder what it is about graveyards that so captures the imagination. I too take photos of gravestones, but to my shame, tend to do so because they make such marvellous images to transfer onto fabric. I must visit more often.

funeral directors Glasgow said...

Flowers or floral tributes are a time-honoured and traditional way of expressing support and sympathy for those who are experiencing illness, or to the family and friends who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

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