Friday, 19 December 2014

The More Mummy

 The More Little Mummy on the World

This macabre postcard was sent from Guanajuato, Mexico by a guy named Steve in August 1980 to the Samson Family in Hawaii. He bemoaned the fact he couldn't find his friend from Florida. He told the Samson's to check out the translation in English. I can't read Spanish, but guess it refers to the 'smallest' mummy in the world. Am I right?

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I am very excited to see this postcard!

In 2002, I posted this to my site, Deuce of Clubs:

I had this very postcard and I wish I had held onto it, instead of mailing it to a friend. I would love to see the back of it—do you still have it?


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