Thursday, 5 June 2014

Under Glass

I've been having a think about flowers under glass recently. This was because of looking at a pair of vintage postcards in my collection.

The first shows two examples of flowers under glass placed on graves in 1904. What particularly caught my eye was the base upon which the flower display rested which is inscribed 'In Memory of Fred'. I had seen a number of empty circular bases on graves in Lancashire cemeteries recently and hadn't realised their significance.

The second shows the shop window of T. Charlton Funeral Furnishers. In the window are examples of flowers under glass and, what I haven't seen before, representations of memorials. The first shows a distraught figure cling to a cross similar to the type of memorial often found in Victorian and Edwardian cemeteries. If anyone has seen similar items, I would be interested to know about it. Thank you.

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Cloudia said...

This Honolulu cemetery art will interest you:

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= <3

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