Saturday, 17 November 2012

The A1 Submarine Disaster

The A1 submarine disaster touched the hearts of many. Here are four commemorative postcards of the funeral procession. A1's sinking was a result of a collision with the SS Berwick Castle off the Nab Lighthouse. The 11-man crew were drowned. The submarine was salvaged and the crew's bodies recovered - hence the funerals pictured below. A1 was repaired and returned to service but sank again in 1911, albeit unmanned at the time. The wreck site was not discovered until 1989.

Those who died were: Lt Mansergh, Sub Lt Churchill, CER Parkinson, CS Fleming, PO 1 Baker, PO1 Roberts, PO Dudgeon, ERA Baly, AB Wallace, AB King and Stoker Ellis. There is a memorial in the Haslar Naval Cemetery.

Wikipedia provides a useful article on the history of the A1 and it's loss which can be found HERE.

Newspaper cutting courtesy 'Sherurcij' via Creative Commons

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