Monday, 8 October 2012

A Covering of What?

I am rather baffled by this grave in the graveyard of St Leonard the Less in Salmesbury, Lancashire. It marks the last resting place of the Reverend William Scholes who died September 7, 1913. He arrived at the Vicarage in 1881. It looks as if it had once been buried or, perhaps, coated with Ivy. The residue covers most the the stone but has been scraped away in places. I am left wondering what caused it.


Moss said...

It looks like lichen which has been semi-petrified. Unusual effect.

Laurie said...

Thanks, Moss. I hadn't thought of that!

Nicola Carpenter said...

It is Lichen, the main natural cause of gravestone decay.

Creepy effect though.

Beneath Thy Feet

marbletowns said...

Definitely lichens .... not sure if there is a safe way to remove them now that they have petrified this much. It does make for an interesting effect, though.

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