Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Art of Maile and Son

Searching through my recently re-discovered box of funerary treasures, I found some really fascinating brochures and price lists issued by the Cornish Granite Sculptors - G. Maile & Son Ltd of Euston Road in London. They must have been well-known at the time and it is intriguing to see the cost of memorials. As an example of what I have found, here is there 'Beautiful Churchyard Memorials' Catalogue. It seems no expense was spared as the publication is very nicely printed. To me, the papers provide a useful guide to pricing and the types of memorials and headstones that were on offer. Enjoy!


M. Diane Rogers said...

What a great find, Laurie. And I do specially like the mention of appropriate grave plantings too.

Laurie said...

Thanks, Diane. I'll publish some more in due course. I must have bought the set and filed them away without opening the packet. A very pleasant surprise!

Diego Mesia said...

Im from Israel, make investigation on Protestant Cemetery of Haifa from Mandate British and i finded on Felicity Ann Webb´s grave Maile and Son´sign

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