Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Roadside Memorials in Belize

Roadside memorials are a big thing in the central America country of Belize (formerly British Honduras). As I drove round the country, they seemed to be everywhere. Some were quite ornate. Here are just two examples. Quite bizarrely, the victims shoes or sandals were often left neatly on the verge.

The shattered windscreen is draped over the victims shoes

Large amounts of wreckage are left on the roadside


Owen said...

This is really incredible... were you there recently? Or some time back? Amazing how such matters are treated differently in different countries.

Hope you are having a fine summer Laurie...

Laurie said...

No, it was sometime back, Owen. Here, it is mostly flowers and football scarves at the crash scene.

Have just started a three-week break so hope to get out and about to new places!

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