Sunday, 13 March 2011

Brookwood Cemetery

Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey opened its gates in 1854 and was said to be the largest burial ground in the world when it opened. It contains around 250,000 burials. One of the most impressive memorials in Brookwood is to the memory of Lady Mary Laura Wyatt who died in 1900. The  statue is said to be a likeness of the deceased who is depicted standing and reading a book. Her husband, Sir Richard Henry Wyatt died four years later from injuries and shock after he accidentally set his clothes on fire at his home.

Photo: Laurie Manton


Owen said...

Beautifully peacefull sculpture... I wonder what book she was reading ? Dickens ? Book of Life ?

Terrible about her husband... that's as bad as the poor fellow I posted about not long ago who was killed by lightning while sitting by his window.

May your future be far less eventful, long life and health to you Laurie...

Margaret Pangert said...

She certainly looked young and attractive in 1900. What a beautiful sculpture--I wonder if he got one?

dustbunny8 said...

I would not mind being remembered with a statue of me reading! It would most assuredly let people know who I was!Lovely post!

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