Sunday, 13 February 2011

Floral tributes

This view of a cemetery (sadly unidentified) is a scan of a recently acquired glass plate negative. Fresh flowers identify a recent interment. By the age of the headstone, it is likely that the long departed occupant has been joined by his or her partner. What surprises me is the fact the leftover earth is heaped on the cemetery pathway. I presume it was covered with artificial grass for the reburial ceremony, but it must have proved a real obstacle for the mourners. Also, the grass on the grave nearest the camera looks well trimmed. The name plaque faces the path and I am further confused as the foot of most graves start closest to a path with the headstone furthest away.

If that is the case, then maybe the headstone connected with the reburial is out of shot awaiting re-erection or is with a local stonemason. So, not as simple as I first thought! The words on the edge of the nearest grave, by the way, read: The angels of God met him. Any thoughts on the layout of the graves would be welcomed.


Owen said...

Mysteries, mysteries, you certainly have a knack for catching the odd quirks in the details of such scenes. But will anyone still remember ?

Adsila said...

Not sure, but I love the picture.

Laurie said...

Will anyone still remember? My knack or the quirks in the layout of the cemetery? :-)

Thanks for visiting Adsila.

Gale Wall said...

I really like this photo.

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