Sunday, 9 May 2010

Football Fatality

I saw this grave with a stone football at the foot of it in my local churchyard in Radstock. It marks the grave of Ernest Joseph Hyman who died on 7 January 1927 from injuries received in a football match between the Somerset towns of Taunton and Yeovil on Boxing Day 1926. His headstone records that: "He always played the Game".



Gale Wall said...

Great find. Thanks for sharing it.

@eloh said...

I think most people hope to die a peaceful death in their sleep.

Not me... I think things like this is the spice of the graveyard.

Owen said...

Hi Laurie,
It's been a little while since I've stopped in here, but I've just been catching up on what I've been missing, alot of beautiful posts there, and you often ask such thoughtful questions about what was happening. The British Giant is really something ! And this poor fellow, it must have been a rough game of football, but at least he died doing something he loved... perhaps the best way to go ?

Also, I was quite intrigued, what happened in Blackburn Cemetery that caused so many of the tombstones to be overturned ?

Note to self, must stop in here more often !

Unknown said...

This is the grave of my great great uncles cousin. I live in Radstock and have visited it. His cousin, willWil Hyman was my great great uncle,and played cricket for Somerset between 1902 and 1914.

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